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Search Engine Optimization services, aka SEO services, ensure your website is optimized to rank higher in organic search engine results, driving customers to your business. It is crucial for all business, but especially for businesses dependent on local results to drive customers into their physical locations, that you make sure your website is generating as much traffic as possible in Google Search and Google Maps results. 

Google's Machine Learning AI driven search engine is ever-evolving and the targets for SEO optimization are ever-moving as a result. As certified Google Marketing experts, The Locklin Agency has kept their eye on the data coming out of these changes and analyzed it to help you make informed updates to your business' online presence. The Locklin Agency's extensive experience with SEO services on websites created on multiple platforms (Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, and more) can push your business to the next level of growth.


Our SEO services include:

  • SEO audit of your website.

  • Snapshots of before and after results in Google Search.

  • Keyword Research specific to your business.

  • On-page SEO edits on your current website.

    • Titles, headers, meta-descriptions, keywords, tags, image descriptions, alt descriptions, backlinks and more. ​

  • Updates in Google Search Console to speed up the refreshing of your site in Google's search results.​

  • Recommendations for content updates on your site to ensure site page speed and consistency in results.

  • Recommendations for possible Google Marketing campaigns for keywords that you desire to rank higher in than SEO alone is able to achieve. 

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